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Blxck Cxsper to Perform at Pride Montreal's Opening Show: IMMIX!

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Get ready to revel in an electrifying night of music and unity as Pride Montreal's Opening Show: IMMIX, presented by ICI Musique, takes over the Parc Olympique’s Esplanade! Among a lineup of exceptional artists, the one and only Blxck Cxsper will be gracing the stage, igniting the celebration with their unique artistry.

A Dazzling Musical Mosaic:

IMMIX promises to be an unforgettable fusion of musical styles and an ensemble of local talents. Amidst this captivating mosaic, Blxck Cxsper's performance will be a shining gem, infusing the night with their genre-blending brilliance and empowering presence.

Celebrating Identity and Empowerment:

For those familiar with Blxck Cxsper's work, you know their performances are much more than music; they're an experience. With their fearless expression of identity and dedication to LGBTQIA+ empowerment, Blxck Cxsper's presence on stage is bound to inspire and uplift us all.

Embracing the Pride Spirit:

Blxck Cxsper has been a cherished part of Pride events around the world, having graced major stages, including World Pride and the NYC Queer March. Their return to the Pride spotlight at IMMIX is a testament to their continued commitment to celebrating love, acceptance, and unity.

Trans Trenderz Legacy:

As the visionary founder of Trans Trenderz, Blxck Cxsper continues to be a driving force in supporting transgender and non-binary artists. Through this platform, they have created opportunities for fellow artists to shine, fostering inclusivity and representation in the music industry.

Join Us at IMMIX!

Let's come together on August 9th at 8pm and be part of this extraordinary celebration of music and love. Pride Montreal's Opening Show: IMMIX promises a night of diversity, pride, and joy. Blxck Cxsper's performance will undoubtedly be a highlight, but with a lineup of incredible artists, the stage will be alight with talent and empowerment.

Experience the magic of music and the power of unity. See you there!

Where? Esplanade du Parc Olympique, Montreal

When? August 9th 2023 at 8pm

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